When Ritesh Saxena joined Kinder Australia in January last year, little did he know the challenges he would face during 2020 beginning a new job at the start of a global pandemic.

Ritesh took to his position as Applications Engineer like a duck to water – as an internal sales representative possessing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. Customers often commented on his pleasant, polite and helpful demeanour, as well as his engineering knowledge and astute problem-solving skills. Learning the processes and systems remotely whilst working from home was a learning curve, but Ritesh was happy to call on his colleagues for assistance and learn the ropes via video chat platforms, phone and email. Without the assistance of sending engineers physically to sites, Ritesh found value in requesting customer photographs of installations and data worksheets.

Staying organised and planning his workload efficiently has made Ritesh a capable and valuable member of the Kinder sales team.

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