conveyor belt cleaners K-Smartscraper Primary Belt Cleaner

Protecting and maintaining your operation’s most expensive and important asset, your CONVEYOR BELT ensures maximum operational efficiency, productivity and the safety of workers.   Accumulating carryback typically on the underside of the return belt is by far the leading cause of excessive wear to conveyor components, build up on return idlers can take place, not to mention the likelihood of productivity coming to a complete halt!

Kinder’s highly effective K-Smartscraper® Primary Belt Cleaner is lightweight and capable of removing 90% of all material carryback.  Its superior and powerful cleaning performance can OUT SMART – OUT PERFORM – OUT LAST other competitive tungsten carbide primary belt cleaners on the market.


Utilising Primary Conveyor Belt Cleaners such as Kinder’s K-Smartscraper® delivers a powerful cleaning performance and other advantages:

  • 90% removal of all material carryback within the material flow
  • Reduces conveyor mistracking and structural damage potential
  • Removes labour safety hazard and minimises accumulation of fugitive material around the conveyor structure and surrounds
  • Simple to mount, utilises wire construction.  Mounting requires less labour and less downtime

Watch K-Smartscraper® Primary Belt Cleaner Demo Video

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