Used to suit applications where a large mount board exists, the K-Fold-N-Seal is a multipurpose configuration conveyor componentry innovation.  It provides dual purpose primary and secondary skirting and dust suppressant capabilities off one single standard skirting mount arrangement.

The key performance benefit to a site is that this makes the K-Fold-N-Seal quick to install and change out. K-Fold-N-Seal is manufactured using the same low friction, engineered polyurethane as our K-Superskirt®, so it is lightweight and very manageable to handle, requiring less resources for the installation procedure.

Industry Applications:

The K-Fold-N-Seal Skirting System has long since been proven across a broad range of applications (grain, sand, aluminium, salt, iron ore, granite, coal, phosphate etc) to have 8 to 10 times the abrasion resistance when in operation.  It also produces 60% less friction than rubber. So as a result, once installed, it lasts longer, is non-porous and will not collect fines, reducing unscheduled maintenance call-outs.

Most of all, Kinder Australia has built long term relationships with sites who have come to depend on our simple problem-solving approach. Our reputation for knowledge of emerging technologies works across many different industry applications. Our inventory management system and warehouse facilities means that we always have stock available and our dispatch process is prompt and reliable.

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