Today is the 1st of April – or April Fool’s Day.  It is customary on this day to play harmless practical jokes on each other.  But here at Kinder Australia we are not joking and we are certainly not trying to mislead you into considering any of our reliable and performance-proven belt alignment products.

You don’t need our K-Self Centring Idlers if the COST is not important to you and you are not concerned about the NON PRODUCTIVE STOPPAGE TIME taken to replace or repair the conveyor belt on an unscheduled basis.  A misaligned conveyor belt does not run level and “true”; it wanders so that the edge of the belt comes into contact with the surrounding structure damaging the belt beyond any splice repairs.  As well as the belt damage, the surrounding steel structure is also at risk of damage from the velocity and force of the moving parts. So if you don’t need to make these considerations, you don’t need our K-Self Centring Idlers.

Because our company wants to be considered as a responsible supplier of bulk materials handling improvements – that create safe and productive sites – we don’t want to mislead you into considering products that you don’t really need.  In fact we are actually asking you buy less frequently by investing in our longer lasting, high performance products that we have sourced globally to specifically to suit the the Australian environment and meet Australian compliance standards.

So if you would like to know more on how to prevent belt misalignment, CLICK HERE to email us at [email protected]  or contact our team of sales engineers on (03) 8587 9111.

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