Conveyor Transfer Point, Conveyor Skirting, Conveyor Belt Edge Sag

How to Create the Perfect Seal

Dealing with conveyor belt edge sag is time-consuming and a waste of valuable maintenance resources.  A Queensland based customer has recently successfully eliminated the site’s unproductive material spillage by investing in a combination of belt support and conveyor skirting products – creating the perfect seal, simply and sustainably.  We travelled to Queensland to congratulate them on their success.

A three product combination is the ideal prescription to deal with belt edge sag around the transfer point in most applications, and with most belt widths.

Firstly, K-Sure Belt Support embraces the impact of the loading material underneath the belt itself, by replacing the rollers with polymer slider bars, resulting in the elimination of any gap or sag forming between the belt and the skirting.  Secondly, the installation of K-Containment Seal is recommended.  This internal skirt is highly durable and protects the chute’s side edges that are most vulnerable to structural erosion.  It is also easily height adjustable from the outside of the chute structure so K-Containment Seal’s full usage potential is achieved.

Thirdly, the triple product combination is completed with the installation of the K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal System.  This outer skirting provides a fine tight seal that captures dust particles from building up around the transfer point and causing unnecessary roller seizure and structural damage.  Unlike most other seals that require regular checks and adjustments in order to contain dust, it functions by relying on its engineered polyurethane’s inherent “memory-set” and is able to retain its shape and apply a consistent downward pressure.  This creates the PERFECT SEAL.

These 3 products have been scientifically proven to last longer than rubber equivalents, and are available in a variety of durometers to suit different applications.  FRAS is also available.  Contact Kinder Australia for more advice on how to achieve the perfect seal for your application.

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