Eraser Micro Primary Belt Cleaning System

Eraser Micro Primary Belt Cleaning System

Designed to be lightweight yet provide strength and durability, we are delighted to add to our existing range of primary conveyor belt cleaners, the Micro Eraser.

The Micro Eraser has a very compact mounting footprint and protrudes only 114mm from the mounting structure.  It still provides the same uniform cleaning pressure, consistent with the key engineered design feature of the Eraser and Eraser HD primary belt cleaner types, due to its unique Perma-Torque™ internal central tensioner.

The ongoing maintenance of the Micro Eraser is uncomplicated.  Utilising a single pin blade attachment, the change out procedure for replacement blades is quick and simple and requires less operating equipment downtimeOHS hazards are avoided also as there are no rusty springs, hoses, cables and bolts present, or the challenges of dealing with mud packed conveyor components.

The size yet strength of the Micro Eraser make it an ideal choice for installation where space is limited.  It is also suitable for use on portable equipment.

If you would like more information on the Micro Eraser, contact the sales team at Kinder Australia on 03 8587 9111 or email [email protected].

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For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder