Reviewing critical conveyor spares and the associated stock holding costs creates a significant saving.  Stock control can quickly have a positive impact on a site’s overall profitability because carrying more stock on hand than is needed is costly in terms of cash and storage.

Operating successfully in the bulk materials handling industry requires the flexibility to demand short lead times on orders for replacement conveyor components, with the guarantee of fast, on-time delivery of parts when needed.  Smart purchasing is recognising the “whole-of-business” value that a supplier can offer its customer and is much more important than the convenience of having to keep parts that are not needed.

Kinder & Co’s latest technology stock control system capabilities can respond immediately with fast order-to-delivery cycle times.  97% of despatched consignments over the last 3 years were completed within 1 day of raising an order and sending out the door.  Efficiency benchmarking of this magnitude is achievable when supported by experience in “Just-in-Time” logistics knowledge and technology systems.


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