Our customer uses a wok style apparatus to mix the bulk cement preparation ready for transit in mixer trucks.  The wok lining experiences a narrow and concentrated impact area, handling large volumes of highly abrasive aggregate and sand particles.

Prior to discussing this problem with Kinder & Co, other bulk handling suppliers had suggested first a ceramic lining panel and then a rubber product to try and provide protection against the constant wear.  However these lining products failed for various reasons, making them unsuitable for the curved lining of this wok.

CLICK HERE to see recent photographs and a CEMENT application case study of Kinder & Co’s K-Superline installed inside the wok 5 months ago and still showing no signs of wear.

K-Superline® Polyurethane Lining System is a bolt-on polyurethane lining so requires no welding for installation so is ideal for use in confined spaces.  K-Superline immediately provides longer-lasting protection due to its engineered polyurethane properties and range of durometer capabilities.

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