K-Wrapper Dewatering Idler. Kinder Australia

K-Wrapper Dewatering Idler. Efficient belt dewatering system. Long lasting polyurethane. Conveyor belt friendly.

It has been estimated* that the maintenance costs to keep rotating machinery such as conveyors working effectively, can account for 30%-50% of the total operating costs.  This figure does not include the lost production time accrued in downtime for stoppages to fix the conveyor and install replacement parts.

Of this maintenance function, there is a distinction between regular preventative actions and intermittent reactive maintenance.

Introducing Kinder & Co’s K-Wrapper Dewatering Idler – a preventive maintenance tool engineered to extract excess water on the conveyor belts’ surfaces which if left moist, it can lead to belt misalignment as well as the conveyed material slipping or spilling from the belt itself.  Uncontrolled loss of product can quickly lead to a major safety hazard.

The K-Wrapper Dewatering Idler is made from long lasting and corrosion proof polyurethane and has a low tension effect on belt cleaning.  K-Wrapper Dewatering Idler is belt friendly, is available for all belt widths and is suitable for reversing conveyors as well as high speed conveyors.  Once installed and swapped into place with a current idler, the K-Wrapper requires no reactive maintenance.

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As reported in International Mining in September 2013.

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