Ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal material can be found in just about every bulk product.  For the timber and pulp processing industry in particular keeping the external environment secure is a challenge.  Harvesting equipment and extraneous sources of metal all provide real potential for risk.  Internally, tramp metal such as nuts, bolts, tools or metal conveying components can also enter the processing plant.  With the prospect of such significant damage, the use of accurate and reliable metal detection equipment is vital.

Medetec Metal Detectors are very sophisticated and offer powerful and accurate metal detection of all metals including iron, copper, aluminium and stainless steel even at the highest belt speeds, utilising the latest search coil technology.  When metal is detected the relay output is deactivated ensuring the fast stoppage of the flow of material immediately before it enters the processing equipment.  The Medetec Metal Detectors are extremely lightweight and are easy to install in a fixed position under the conveyor belt.  They have been used successfully and effectively by the timber industry globally.

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