It was pleasing to see the K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers achieving reliable high production expectations for our grain customer.  These polymer and fibre (HDPE) rollers were first installed at this site over 2 years ago, and continue to be highly effective in providing very high speed bulk materials handling of 6 metres per second.

This performance is challenged extensively by the site’s coastal position where the salty sea breeze creates a very corrosive enviroment.  The engineered design of Kinder & Co’s high performance K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers incorporates top quality stainless steel shafts.  This prevents the shaft from seizing to the trough frame in these harsh conditions over the lifetime of the roller.

The impressive durability of the K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers in comparison to steel rollers is now widely experienced by many of our customers.  They are fast becoming the preferred option over conventional steel rollers.

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