A customer’s thorough financial calculations have proved that K-Containment Seal has achieved significant cost savings since its installation, in comparison to the constant replacement costs of the previously used skirting.

Operating in a hard rock quarry, effective heavy duty skirting is an essential requirement at the high pressure transfer point loading area in order to avoid spillage problems.  Keen to find a better materials handling solution to the frequent costs associated with the need to replace the skirting, the site supervisor carefully analysed the existing costs of regularly replacing the skirting, factoring in the additional labour costs required for change outs and cleaning.

These figures were then compared against the expenditure costs to purchase Kinder & Co’s longer-lasting and more durable    K-Containment Seal – engineered high performance polyurethane combined with steel backing for extra strength.  In a trial on a single conveyor the results have far exceeded our customer’s expectations, and the originally installed K-Containment Seal continues to function reliably.

For more details of the financial calculations, read our latest customer case study.

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