Follow these simple guidelines to maximise the efficiency and improve the reliability of your bulk materials handling infrastrucuture – and let 2014 be MADE BETTER.

1. Know how to effectively maintain your conveyor

To avoid breakdowns and optimize performance, conveyors need to be “tuned” regularly.  Since the conveyor belt itself is of considerable value, you should perform scheduled maintenance tasks and replace faulty components on time before they fail and cause damage to the conveyor belt.  There are no rewards for high production rates if profits are then spent on belt replacement installation.

Consider attending one of Kinder & Co’s complimentary Conveyor Safety and Maintenance Training sessions to obtain advice on preparing a practical and effective maintenance program.  Alternatively we can come to your site and conduct a hands-on conveyor maintenance workshop with all your staff at one of your team monthly meetings.

2. Know the most effective fixes to common problems

Knowing the fixes to common issues will often mean you can avoid more serious conveyor infrastructure and environmental problems in the future.  Material spillage, dust leakage, uncentralised loading, incorrect belt tracking and incorrect conveyor hardware installation are just some of the minor issues that often require zero or minimal investment to correct poor performing systems.

 A thorough understanding of conveyor engineering technology is what’s needed, and not brute force or a big budget.  Talk to one of our team of tertiary qualified but practically experienced sales engineers on 03 9587 9244 and they will be happy give you best practice and reliable advice on how to fix any of your conveyor problems.

3. Utilize modern technology and energy efficient power saving products

Conveyors are very energy efficient compared to the alternatives for moving product through a facility.  Substantial energy and cost savings are possible.  Use latest technology high-efficiency components such as the K-Superskirt® Engineered Polyurethane range of skirting and seal systems, K-Superline® and K-Redi-Liner® flow and anti-wear lining systems that are lightweight and yet durable alternatives designed with superior low friction properties that minimise material spillage, as well as reduce replacement costs and associated maintenance labour costs.

Use the task of replacing worn-out conveyor parts as an opportunity to research new generation alternatives instead of repeat buying old or outdated components.  Modern conveyors designed more efficiently, with appropriate controls and labour saving devices, deliver significant return on-investment based on energy savings alone.

4. Choose for performance

The cost of conveyor hardware such as rollers and idlers to the conveyor system is relatively insignificant when compared to the cost of replacing the belt itself.  Preserving belt life longevity should be paramount and therefore operators need to understand the consequences of using poorly constructed conveyor rollers with inferior quality bearings and seals.

Refer to our library of customer case studies to learn about a range of successful component upgrades and the longer term materials handling improvements experienced.

5. Safety is essential

It goes without saying that conveyors are one of the safest ways to transport materials through any facility, but they require training, process and vigilance to stay that way.

Part of the issue, unlike with many other kinds of industrial machinery, is that workers don’t recognise the potential conveyor hazards.  The conveyor moves slow relative to other machinery, and doesn’t appear “threatening.”  Train new employees on how to use the conveyor, its lanyard switches, emergency stops, and how to behave around it.  Nearly 42% of injuries around conveyors occur while performing maintenance, or other mechanical processes.  Kinder & Co offers a comprehensive range of Safety and Environmental components, including dust suppressant products such as K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal System, K-Protector Return Idler Guard to ensure pinch point protection at access points, as well as essential Safety-T-Switches.

 6. Make conveyor technology upgrades

Today’s conveyor systems offer a wide range of advantages.  A feature of newer technology is “loading zone” functionality, system performance and meeting the growing needs of today’s production targets.  Simply sign-up to receive conveyor technology upgrades by joining Kinder & Co’s Bulk Materials Handling eAlert and stay informed of industry trends and advancements.

For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder