“October is historically the deadliest month for miners,” the Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) noted in a report on three fatal accidents in late-September. Additionally, four injuries and one fatality occurred between October 1 and October 22.

Though none of the recent incidents were conveyor-belt related, it is still important to keep safety in mind when working around conveyor belts.

Nearly 30 miners were killed in conveyor-belt related accidents in the 10-year period from 2000 to 2010, noted in the Safety Watch section of the October issue of Aggregates Manager magazine.

This statistic coincides with a positive milestone for the Kinder & Co K-Protector Return Idler Guard, nearing its 500th sale since records were kept on our current SAP Business One management information system in July 2011.  The reliable guard is a practical solution to provide roller pinch point protection.  It is designed for convenient access and maintenance and is available to suit all roller diameters and widths.  Most importantly – the K-Protector Return Idler Guard meets all of the Australian Mine Safety Standards.  Don’t wait for a fine, or worse still a fatality, before checking to see if your conveyor is running safely.

To avoid accidents, follow these four guidelines when working around conveyor belts:

  1. Stop. Do not work or travel near a conveyor while it is operating. Do not attempt to place your arm or any tools near a roller or other moving part when the belt is moving or may start.
  2. De-energize. Turn off the power to the conveyor belt and disconnect the electrical circuit at the breaker panel or motor control centre.
  3. Lock and tag. After disconnecting the power, lock and tag to ensure the conveyor belt cannot be activated while you are working around it.
  4. Block from motion. Secure the belt to prevent unintended motion such as belt movement caused by stored energy.

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