The grain handling industry is a high hazard industry where fires and explosions can occur from grain dust accumulation.  Over the last 35 years, there have been over 500 explosions in grain handling facilities globally, which have killed more than 180 people and injured more than 675.

We want to share with you a recent customer experience where a smart decision was made to upgrade to a better skirting option – using our K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal System, FRAS compliant.

Industries such as grain and coal, where there is a high combustion risk of the conveyed bulk materials it is an OHS requirement that all equipment needs to be FRAS rated.  The K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal, as well as Kinder & Co’s other polyurethane Conveyor Skirting and Sealing containment products, are available in FRAS rated materials.

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A high quality engineered polyurethane such as the K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal is a new generation of skirting:  it achieves immediate results, but also maximises productivity by meeting maintenance, budget, sustainability and environmental objectives.

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