It’s always great to hear from a customer who likes and uses our products.  It’s even better when you hear about a customer who takes a standard Kinder & Co product and uses it in a non-standard way and has a lot of success.

The maintenance team at one customer site had a problem controlling dust.  For years, they had been a huge fan of our K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal, purchasing thousands of metres over the years to seal their conveyors.  They had one area that was still giving them problems:  the point in the transfer system where coal bins emptied onto the vibrating feeders.

They had tried a variety of different techniques to seal this gap, including rubber bolted to the bin at the top and to the feeder at the bottom.  But the rubber would crack and wear out fairly often.  They just couldn’t come up with anything that worked for very long.

They saw how well the K-Snap-Loc worked on their conveyor systems and decided to look for a way to utilise it for this application.  What they came up with was quite ingenious.  They welded the uni-strut to the top of the feeder with the channel pointing up.  Then they installed the K-Snap-Loc into the channel and let it lay on the outside wall of the coal bin in an upward (upside down) direction.  Where two sides came together at the corner they trimmed the bulb off the K-Snap-Loc and bolted the two flaps together.  They did have to slightly modify the back of the feeder by adding some steel to mount the uni-strut to, so the K-Snap-Loc contacted the bin with the same angle as the sides.

Our customer developed this technique about four or five years ago and has since converted all of their vibrating feeders to this type of sealing system.  They have not had to replace any K-Snap-Loc in this application.  In fact, the first one they ever installed exhibits virtually no wear.

It’s a simple solution to a problem that has plagued an industry for years.  And it provides an excellent example of how valuable feedback between customer and supplier can benefit everyone.

If you have an example of how a Kinder & Co product has been used successfully in an unconventional way, please let us know.   For more specification information on the K-Snap Loc Dust Seal System contact one of our Sales Engineers on 03 9587 9244 or [email protected] to discuss.

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