As an ISO9001 accredited company, we regularly monitor our own set of quality key performance indicators (KPI’s).  So if a customer enquires about our dispatch capabilities we can be very confident with our turnaround time projections and future dispatch promises.

For example, here are some statistics from the Kinder & Co warehouse:

– Warehouse size: 3,000m
– Number of stock items held: 4,000+
– Total dispatch volume FY2012-13: 2967 items
– Problem reporting frequency: quarterly
– Safety record claims: nil

At Kinder & Co we also believe in continuous improvement, and we have very high expectations of what we consider to be an acceptable turnaround time for the dispatch of our conveyor and bulk materials handling products to customers Australia-wide.  The result of our efficient warehouse team and their expert pick and pack processes was rewarded recently in an internal review of turnaround times from release for picking to products dispatched.

In the first half of FY2012-13 94.9% of orders were dispatched in 0-1 days after having received a request for picking.
In the second half of the FY2012-13 the percentage of orders dispatched in 0-1 days increased even further to 96.2%.

Congratulations warehouse team – these KPI results are outstanding!

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