Kinder & Co has a well-earned reputation for improving conveyor producivity.  Our highly skilled team of Sales Engineers combine conveyor engineering with vast hands-on experience in the field.

On this occasion the conveyor problem was at a hard rock quarry site in Carisbrook in Victoria’s North-West.  One of our Sales Engineers responded to an enquiry.  What he saw when he arrived was very alarming; due to the degree of the angle that the belt was off-centre, the conveyor was running away from the idlers with rollers hanging at either side – the belt was about to dislodge altogether as a result and cause serious structural damage.

Conveyor belt mistracking is a commonly experienced problem, but knowing the correct technique to correct is often not known.  In this instance, the tail drum had been adjusted, which is not the right method.

Our Sales Engineer inspected the conveyor.  He immediately identified the problem and gave practical advice to help resolve the conveyor belt mistracking issue quickly.

Now the conveyor is working properly and conveyor productivity has improved better than ever before.

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