A pigment plant operation in Kwinana, WA has successfully installed the complimentary product combination of Kinder & Co’s K-Sure Belt Support System and K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal skirting at its conveyor impact points in order to reduce a previous significant spillage problem.

The company operates a titanium dioxide pigment plant, an inorganic chemical used to brighten and whiten various consumer products.  Prior to the installation, our customer suffered from a variety of not uncommon problems such as roller failure; premature skirt wear; as well as excessive spillage.  The single issue of conveyor belt sag is often the cause of these multiple problems.

Kinder & Co visited the site this week and a very satisfied customer reported that the K-Snap-Loc Dust Seal is showing much less wear than previously used rubber skirting, and the self-adjusting nature of the polyurethane seal, together with the new belt support, has eliminated moving parts, reduced the belt sag and the spillage waste.

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