Our sales engineer Marc Selby has been on the road in the South Australia region this week, sharing knowledge of conveyor solutions, maintenance and production improvements, and bulk materials handling advice to groups of maintenance engineers, site managers, operations technicians and quarry managers.

In response to booking requests, Marc stopped at quarries, glass plants, grain terminals and recycling plants, parking on-site and opening up Kinder & Co’s unique demo conveyor.

“It was very useful to have this hands-on experience of a conveyor system’s internal workings.  Usually that only happens when we stop for maintenance reasons.”

“Marc was very informative, and gave great advice on how to avoid spillage.”

“This was a great way to see new products up close and share best practice knowledge.”

For those booking requests that we were unable to schedule, or any one else who is interested in booking the Kinder & Co demo conveyor to come to your facility in the future, choose either to:

  1. call Alison on 03 9587 9244
  2. email [email protected]
  3. fax back form download here

We look forward to sharing our conveyor insight with you on-site soon!

For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder