Product: K-Vortex Air Blaster

Kinder Australia’s K-Vortex Air Blaster is a revolutionary and reliable air cannon system to improve material flow as a cost-effective solution for removing build up and blockages occurring in silos, hoppers, kilns pre-heater, cyclones, kilns and other industrial machinery.

K-Vortex Air Blaster systems are available for use in the most demanding high and low temperature applications and environments in the cement, steel, power stations, chemical, incinerators, fertilizer, and any other industries with powdery and granular storage with potential material flow problem.

K-Vortex Air Blasters features and benefits are:

  • External T-shape Valve for easy inspection
  • Can retrofit any existing air blaster / air cannon
  • Metal to metal construction for added durability
  • More powerful thanks to a unique “venturi effect” exhaust design
  • Robust cast iron design for reliability and durability
  • Can perform at a minimum 4 bar operating pressure (Recommended operating pressure of 5 to 7 bar or 75 to 100 PSI)
  • Galvanized tank (inside and outside) with polyurethane black paint
  • Provision for isolation valve, drainage valve, and/or pressure gauge for even safer operation
  • Wide range and availability of parts and accessories

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