Product: K-Hydra Belt® Shield Skirting System

The presence of skirt grooves is a common occurrence during the conveying process.  If not corrected this will destroy the conveyor belt, leading to premature replacement and unscheduled downtime.  Skirt grooves are typically caused by the bulk material itself and over time product/ fines can also build up in skirted sections or behind the skirt.

When fines leak under the hard skirt, they enter the cavity, bulge the soft skirts creating sticky abrasive clumps that remain static and rub against the top cover of the conveyor belt.  The belt is then continually subjected to this abrasive build up, which subsequently creates the unwanted grooves.  As the grooves become deeper, the issue compounds as more material can potentially escape under the hard skirts.

K-Hydra Belt® Shield Skirting System is Kinder’s proprietary designed and engineered skirting system highly effective in minimising skirt grooves in conveyor belts.

The solution comprises a combination of a high-pressure water spray combined with the low friction, engineered self-adjusting polyurethane soft skirting, allows for programmed automated cleaning.  The system cleans away the sticky abrasive clumps previously causing the conveyor belt top cover damage.

Water Spray Bars (Manifold)

Key Features:

  • Manufactured and pressure tested to suit application.
  • Modular pressure tested spray bars can be extended easily with threaded ends.
  • SS316 mount hardware allows for height and spray angle adjustment for use in many applications.
  • Changeable nozzles to suit any application in terms of available water supply and the cleaning requirement.

Water flow/pressure management circuits are available on request. These allow for the timed on/off of spray bars, automating the maintenance of skirt cleanliness without exceeding bulk material moisture level specifications.

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