Case Study: Tru-Trac Conveyor Belt Tracking System

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Previous Problem

The Yallourn Power Station commenced operations in 1974 with four generating units commissioned between 1974 and 1982. Every hour 2,400 tonnes of brown coal is used to boil water into superheated steam to drive four turbine generators. Our customer said:

“We were experiencing constant belt tracking problems with our 2 tail-end spill conveyors. Both belt conveyors have gravity fed take up’s and whatever we did to track them, the continual wire rope on the counterweights would automatically counter any adjustments that we made.

The belt conveyors were originally fitted with an inverted vee return idler which was installed to correct any tracking issues. It has been my experience over many years that inverted vees work well in this area but not successfully on slow moving conveyors.”


Our customer continued:

“I had previously used Tru-Trac® Belt Tracking System idlers before and decided to trial one on our worst conveyor. I removed the inverted vee and then installed the Tru-Trac® Belt Tracking System in the same spot which was upside down to the normal fitting method.

It was an immediate success.  I trialed it for 3 months and then bought another 3 for the remaining spill conveyors.  I installed them in exactly the same location and in the same manner and I no longer have any belt mistracking issues at all.  They have been in use now for 4 years and I have not had to touch them.”

Our customer is delighted with the decision to install the Tru-Trac® Belt Tracking System.  It has met our customer’s expectations and solved their immediate belt tracking issues.  After 4 years of continuous use, the Tru-Trac® Belt Tracking System reliably keeps the belt tracked “true” and has required no adjustments to maintain the correct belt alignment. The outcome is that material spillage is successfully avoided and clean-ups are not necessary.

Watch Tru-Trac Conveyor Belt Tracking System Video.