Case Study: K-Sure® Belt Support System

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Previous Problem

Our customer was experiencing significant product spillage issues causing the trough rollers at the transfer point to seize and wear out prematurely.

This is a common problem experienced at transfer points where the force of the conveyor feed through a drop chute from another conveyor, causes belt edge sag in between belt supporting rollers.  Not only is there spillage, but the skirting arrangement present wears prematurely and a dust hazard is created.

This problem creates:

  • Material Spillage
  • Premature Wear of Conveyor Componentry (K-Ultra Dual® Seal was being changed out every months)
  • Health and Safety Hazards
  • Unscheduled Labour Clean-Up Costs


The problem was effectively resolved by replacing the existing impact wing rollers under the transfer chute with our, K-Sure® Belt Support System.  This belt support configuration utilises a series of low friction polymer slider bars.  K-Sure® Belt Support’s universal adaptor brackets are then arranged to the existing frame and assembled precisely to suit the conveyor’s troughed belt profile.

The System requires no pre-engineering, adjustments or special tools and the outcome has successfully removed the occurrence of belt sag.  Now there is no spillage to clean-up, and the already present K-Ultra Dual® Seal can effectively contain the blow-out pressure of the dust particles.

Pictured here is the spillage-free transfer point area, the Kinder “K” universal bracket’s, K-Sure® Belt Support’s red polymer slider bars.  K-Ultra Dual® Seal was pre-existing, but now functions as it was intended and controls dust particles from becoming airborne.

Watch K-Sure® Belt Support System Video.

Watch K-Ultra Dual® Seal Video.