Belt slippage and wear can hinder your system’s efficiency.  It’s a common issue when dealing with wet, muddy, and abrasive materials or high belt tension.

Kinder ceramic lagging is a versatile solution for conveyor drives and pulleys.  It’s designed to provide more grip, longer service life, and higher wear resistance than its rubber counterparts.

Easily customisable, the ceramic lagging can be supplied in cut-to-size strips with rubber ends to suit customer preferences.  It’s also available in long rolls up to 50m to reduce waste and be more cost-effective.

Key Features & Benefits:

•     High Abrasion Resistance – the lagging is made of up to 96% alumina oxide tile material.  This provides exceptional wear resistance, making it ideal for extreme conditions.

•     Outstanding Adhesion – the rubber compound, blended with CN polymers, ensures excellent adhesion to ceramic tiles, rubber, and metal.  This feature is crucial for maintaining grip and durability.

•     Flexibility – the lagging comes with a flexible rubber backing.  This backing contains rubber compounds that provide abrasion resistance and flexibility to the tile.

•     Adaptability – ceramic lagging can be cut to size to fit customer preferences and can be hot vulcanised to the pulley for optimum bonding.

•     Versatility – the lagging can handle wet, muddy, and abrasive materials.  It’s also suitable for belts under high tension, making it a go-to for a wide range of applications.

Kinder ceramic lagging, a proven solution, offering superior grip and wear resistance compared to rubber lagging.

Don’t let belt slippage and wear slow your operations. 

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