Early Detection for Reliable Conveyor Safety.

We are excited to introduce the ZS 71 Belt Rip Detector Switch & Wire Kit, latest addition to Kinder’s Safety & Electrical Conveyor Technology range.

The new ZS 71 Belt Rip Detector Switch and Wire Kit can safeguard your operations by providing early detection and swift action.  When a rip occurs in the belt, any material or ripped section of conveyor belt caught by the wire activates the switch, halting the conveyor operation.

Key Features:

  • Temperature resistant from -25°C to +70°C
  • LED Indicator
  • IP65 Protection
  • Snap action: 2 contacts
  • Aluminium die-cast enclosure
  • Push Button release

1 Kit covers 1 trough angle change.
2 x ZS 71 Belt Rip Switches and 2 x Wire Kits are required to montior all 2 sides of the belt.

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