AirScrape® is a specialised contact-free conveyor skirting and sealing system, which acts as a side seal, suspended over the conveyor belt.

It is effective.

With its unique diagonal arrangement of hardened lamellae, air is led from the outside into the middle of the belt, creating powerful air suction.

It is dust-free.

The material movement together with the moving belt support increases the suction effect enabling fine dust particles to remain in the conveyor section. It works effectively with both large and fine particles.

It minimises spillage.

Additionally, coarse materials pushing outward are led back to the middle of the belt by the lamellae which can significantly minimise spillage.

It reduces wear.

Due to the skirting and sealing system’s ability to hover freely above the conveyor belt, skirt friction and belt damage can be eliminated. The hardened steel blades are effective in reducing skirt wear. The service life of other conveyor components may be extended, as well as a significant reduction of maintenance and replacement costs.

Simple to install by utilising existing clamping system – AirScrape® is installed using spacers, floating the blades 0 – 1 mm freely above the belt and is attached to the outside of the chute by lifting tensioners via a simple screw system. It is longitudinally and laterally adjustable to follow the contours of conveyor belt rollers and the belt trough angle.

AirScrape® is a multifaceted and highly beneficial system which is developed and patented to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards. It can reduce the spill and dust formation at transfer points and other critical sections in the conveyor chain.

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