Engineered by Kinder, K-Shield Dynamax® Combi Impact Bed delivers world-class conveyor belt support for all bulk materials handling operators, particularly primary crushed rock applications.

Featuring an innovative and robust design that delivers increased belt life, as impact is absorbed and skirt zone abrasion is significantly reduced. Installing K-Shield Dynamax® Combi Impact Bed at critical transfer points will translate to increased roller/structure life and noise reduction.

Dust emissions and associated OHS hazards can be significantly eliminated by installing K-Shield Dynamax® Combi Impact Beds, assisting with creating highly productive, efficient and safe workplaces.

Key Features:

  • Static wing support rails
  • Independent Dynamic Suspension
  • Polyurethane bushes
  • Optional lead in/out wing rollers
  • Can suit tapered or parallel chutes

Key Advantages:

  • Reduced slider bar induced friction design
  • Static slider rails maintain skirt gaps
  • Dynamic section for impact absorption

K-Shield Dynamax® Combi Impact Bed features an innovative Tapered Skirt Support Zone and “IDS” Independent Dynamic Suspension.

Kinder’s in-house engineered design technology allows each twin centre impact roller to move independently of the other impact rollers and the Static Slider Rails provide optimal belt support at critical transfer points.

The K-Shield Dynamax® Combi Impact Bed also incorporates a roller bush innovation. The Polyurethane Bushes prevent damage to the steel roller support frame and roller shafts themselves, increasing the life of these parts or components.


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