The root cause of common conveyor problems and inefficiencies such as spillage and material carry back can often be traced back to ineffective conveyor belt cleaning.

Carryback build up on conveyor hardware can cause belt mistracking, as well as conveyor belt and structural damage. Material spillage can also occur presenting potential slipping and tripping hazards if left unchecked.  Fugitive material can also bury idlers, conveyor components, or structural supports – This requires expensive clean-up labour and replacement parts.

Conveyor Belt Cleaning is not a nice to have, it’s a MUST HAVE to operate at full capacity and efficiency.

Why invest in belt cleaning?

  • Extends the service life of conveyor belts.
  • Minimises the safety hazards associated with spillage and carry back.
  • Promotes continuous productivity.
  • Future cost savings in maintenance resources and time.

Which cleaner is best?

The highest performing belt cleaners makes use of a combination of different products selected to meet the demands of the application.  Ideally balancing belt cleaner upfront costs whilst factoring in future costs savings such as extended belt/idler life and the benefits of production downtime and maintenance cleaning up time.

Kinder has a wide range of belt cleaning options in stock to suit your specific application and conveyor operations.

Pre-Cleaners – helps to extend the wear life of primary belt cleaners and are typically installed before a primary belt cleaner and best suited when tasked with removing cohesive or wet and sticky conveyed materials.

Primary Cleaners – are vital role in keeping conveyor belts running smoothly and efficiently.  These cleaners are not designed to assist with material discharge but targets the removal of conveyed product that has adhered to the belt and can successfully remove around 60 to 80% of carry back on the belt.

Secondary Cleaners – targets finer cary back materials that often remain on the belt after going through the primary belt cleaner.

V-Plough Series Cleaners – are highly effective in reducing spillage and material carryback from the return side of the belt and can protect the tail pulley.

Spiral / Brush Belt Cleaners – includes our cleaning and tracking roller, K-Spiromax®, resilient and wear resistant polyurethane spirals that helps to remove sticky carry backs and aids in conveyor belt tracking and centring. K-Rotabrush®  Belt Cleaners provides thorough cleaning, without compromising belt wear and is best suited to areas where space limitations apply.

For more information on your specific requirements, contact Kinder Australia on +61 38587 9111 or email Kinder