Lifting and gaining access to a conveyor belt to change rollers/idlers and to conduct other maintenance work can be time consuming and downright dangerous.

K-Belt Jack takes the stress out of lifting a conveyor belt.  It’s the safest and quickest belt lifting device available, best of all its light-weight, compact and easily transportable.

Engineered to safely lift and lower conveyor belts, K-Belt Jack allows streamlining of the roller changeout/maintenance process, when utilised correctly K-Belt Jack can deliver less belt damage and improved productivity results.

Key Features:

  • 250kg working load limit.
  • Exceptionally user friendly and portable requiring single person operation.
  • Various clamping options available with angle brackets or flat plate available to suit specific conveyor structure designs.
  • Swivel arm adjusts to the troughing angle of the conveyor belt.

Watch K-Belt Jack – Demo Video

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