A 30+ year career at a company shows amazing commitment and loyalty, and for Glen Russell, Commercial Manager at Russet in New Zealand, it’s been a rewarding experience. Russet have cemented a reputation as leaders in the importation, distribution, sales, service and design support of conveyor components, and they are a distributor of Kinder Australia.

It’s been great getting to know Glen and the rest of the team at Russet:

What drew you to the industry?
I’ve been working for Russet for about 30 years now. It was never planned, but it has bloomed into a worthwhile career.

What do you find challenging in your position?
Not enough hours in my day!

What do you see as the biggest challenge for your customers and the industry at the moment?
The rise and change of regulation and legislation that govern the industry, and the navigation through red tape and bureaucracy.

What is your favourite product?
K-Sure® Belt Support System is my favourite Kinder product.

What excites you about the future?
Helping others realise and achieve their goals, whether they be career focused or of a personal nature (including using a fork to pick up peas!)

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