Cleated conveyors present a unique challenge when it comes to keeping clean, often used in recycling applications, for high flowability bulk materials and/or high angle systems.

How do you ensure that material carryback is effectively removed, without damaging the protruding cleats?

The K-Cleatscrape tackles this issue by featuring a unique “finger” shape, that can essentially contour to the belt’s surface as it moves, with a flicking motion.

K-Cleatscrape Chevron Belt Cleaners can be fitted in any position from the snub drum backwards and reach the entire width of the conveyor belt. K-Cleatscrape Chevron Belt Cleaners are very forgiving when they come up against mechanically fastened splices, belt cover gouges or other belt damage imperfections. The unique design is a good option to ensure old and worn belts are not damaged, and that the service life of the conveyor belt can be extended.

Various durometer cleaner blade formulas are available to suit a variety of needs, with the addition of stainless-steel tips (plain and tungsten) for further robustness if required.

K-Cleatscrape Duplex Belt Cleaners will work on cleated belts up to 100mm in height. The proprietary finger design ensures optimal and even belt scraping with a double row of off-set combs, to accommodate these extreme ridges.

The innovative blades are easy to change and can be easily retrofitted to accommodate K-Cleatscrape Chevron Belt Cleaner tubes.

For a specialised issue, you need a specialised solution. Talk to Kinder to further discuss your belt cleaning needs.

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