Our customer in the Brisbane region is a manufacturer of precast concrete products and produces their own concrete on site. The manufactured sand is an essential ingredient in concrete mix, and of critical importance to the site’s production. Their two bins previously had no lining present; a corrugated steel structure, square and tall, featuring uneven surfaces and ledges.


  • Material hang-up on uneven corrugated steel bins.
  • Ratholing and build-up related issues.
  • Up to 20% loss of production.
  • Awkward and restricted shape area to fit with working-at-heights.

Kinder Australia together with FSI Engineering and Pentral Fultum, determined the ideal lining media and grade to be installed; K-Slide Low Friction Liner.

“The result of the K-Slide installation, along with the specialised skin and fasteners, has led to the bins becoming smooth and even, with the manufactured sand moving freely with no hang-up occurrence. Build-up of manufactured sand on the walls and corners is no longer observed and the manufactured sand exhibits mass flow.”

Read the entire case study here.

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