Dust Limits Air Quality & Productivity – Did you know DUST CONTROL is a legislative requirement?

The perfect, ideal bulk materials handling operation yields optimal site availability and productivity with conveyor belts moving constantly, efficiently, with minimal shutdowns and maintenance.

In reality, this ideal scenario is not always possible, with the generation and presence of DUST having negative impact on air quality & productivity!  Most of this dust originates from transfer points, discharge points and high impact load zones, with spillage also a leading cause of wastage and inefficiencies.

What we know today and in recent news reports, is that uncontrolled airborne dust poses a risk to personal safety when inhaled, the potential to cause damage to plant & equipment as well as hazardous to the environment is very real.  Conducting maintenance clean up of dust pre or post production/processing, i.e separating both functions can ultimately help to limit dust exposure and effectively take away the personal safety risks of dust exposure & inhalation.

Conveyors are the principal dust carriage and facilitator of dust movement

The issue of material carryback is also common within bulk materials handling operations, often leading to serious productivity problems and increased dust pollution if not identified early and left unattended.

Installing Conveyor Primary Belt Cleaners are effective measures in controlling and reducing the amount of material carry back and dust contaminants.


Kinder’s Conveyor Primary Belt Cleaning solutions line- up caters to all diverse industries & applications, and most important gives you more choices based on your application and budget.

Conveyor Primary Belt Cleaners serve a vital role in keeping conveyor belts running smoothly and efficiently, other advantages include:

  • Material carryback reduction and dust prevention at the core.
  • Extends service life of belt.
  • Reduces cleaning up costs and maintenance issues.
  • Improves overall site performance, safety and environmental impact.


For over 35 years, Kinder has a dedicated and committed team of highly knowledgeable, technical dust prevention experts who can work with you to ensure you keep production moving on time every time.  We can recommend leading edge solutions that create worksafe environments for your workers, hazard-free and dust-free zones within current industry dust exposure standards.

If your goal is to continue operating into the long term cleanly, safely and profitably, please draw on our experience in this field, contact Kinder on +61 3 8587 9111 or email [email protected]

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