Kinder Australia’s sustainability and recycling vision has been at the heart of Kinder Australia’s core operations since conception.  “Today, more than ever this mindset never waivers amongst all Kinder Australia staff members, it’s part of everyone’s daily routine, we are preparing and empowering our staff to become responsible and contribute to a sustainable future!”, says Neil Kinder, CEO.

It starts with the simple conscious act of utilising paper recycling boxes position under all office desks and energy saving posters positioned around the office, which remind each staff member of their responsibilities and their actions can make a significant contribution to reducing their environmental footprint.

“As an organisation we are already great recyclers and advocates for sustainability, but there are always more efficient and innovative improvements we can all make to our business operations on a daily basis”, says Kinder.

Kinder is very serious about Sustainability and our environmentally friendly program now includes a cost-effective agreement with Smart Recycling, Dandenong.  This collaboration ensures the efficient and effective recycling of accumulating timber pallets at our Braeside facility.  The recycling solution has been implemented due to increasing shipments of conveyor components and other bulk materials handling products across our diverse client base and the resultant timber pallet residuals at our premises.  The availability of timber pallets/boxes is also continually advertised and local business can take up this opportunity to collect timber pallets/boxes from our premises, “it’s another way Kinder is engaging with our community, fostering and developing a sustainable environment!”, says Kinder.

Other current sustainability initiatives underway within Kinder Australia include the collection of polymer plastic wrapping by Polymer Processes and metal strapping collection by Braeside Metals for recycling, as well as seeking opportunities within our business to go paperless where possible…stay tuned!!

Kinder says, “we are excited and inspired by the implementation of this best practice recycling program.  It’s a win/win outcome for both parties and ensures we stay mindful of our sustainability and environmental responsibilities as an organisation to reduce our carbon footprint for the benefit of future generations!

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