Conveyor Engineering and Design Software

Kinder Australia has recently made significant investments in specialist Conveyor Engineering/Design Software and this week Kinder Mechanical Engineering Team fully embraced the opportunity to be trained on the ins and outs of the Helix Conveyor Engineering and Design Software.

The two-day training course at Kinder Australia Head Office will provide our Engineering Team with in-depth and practical understanding of the Helix Software.  For our customer base spanning a multitude of bulk materials handling industries and applications, this translates to providing comprehensive mechanical conveyor advice on:

  • Equipment selection for idlers, pulleys and shafts
  • Calculating conveyor pulley and idler shaft dimensions
  • Idler bearing life and shaft deflection calculations
  • Size requirements pulleys and drives to minimise capital and spares holding cost

Kinder Australia fully understands that irregularities and mechanical conveyor problems can easily develop overtime…what may present itself as minor conveyor issues can quickly escalate to frequent production down-time and worst case scenario – full blown conveyor mechanical shutdowns for long periods.  Which can often raise the potential for safety hazards and cleaning up costs due to material spillage and excessive dust emissions.

Today more than ever, our customer base can take comfort in Kinder Australia’s team of Engineering Specialists.  Coupled with broad industry experience, expert engineering knowledge of emerging technologies and Helix Software, Kinder Australia has the technical expertise and industry experience to design customised conveyor solutions to improve the overall productivity, efficiency and profitability of your bulk materials handling operations well into the future.

Watch Helix Software Video

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Kinder can provide on-site Conveyor Safety and Maintenance Training; a practical workshop focusing on techniques to minimise maintenance shutdowns.

Measure twice, build once: Kinder’s mechanical engineering improves productivity.

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