Bulk Materials Handling Training Rig

Today’s bulk materials handling industry is constantly evolving.  Similarly, the challenges faced by many belt conveyor and bulk materials handling operators are never-ending; the conveyed bulk material characteristics are constantly changing; the working conditions are dusty, noisy and dangerous.

As a proactive & innovative company, Kinder Australia sees the long-term value and benefits of continual training of our staff, particularly our technical applications team to ensure they stay on abreast on the evolving and new technologies to advance our customers end-to-end handling processes.

Kinder technical sales and engineering team fully embraced the opportunity to upskill at our Braeside head office operations.  All things “Bearings” was the key focus of the training, informative presentations provided an overview to the team, whilst the workshop style hands-on fitting of roller bearings around “Kermit” training rig allowed the team the opportunity to “touch and feel” the bearing product line up.

Other topics covered during the training workshop included:

  • Bearing clearance vs bearing life
  • Bearing load ratings and catalogue life
  • Speed ratings
  • Shaft and housing fits
  • Lubrications
  • Bearing Arrangements
  • Failure Analysis

Neil Kinder, Kinder Australia CEO says, “the nature of our industry and business is dynamic, it never stands still, nor should the improvement and development of key assets – that is our staff, who are the driving force to take the business onwards and upwards”.

“Onwards and upwards at Kinder means instilling a company culture where staff are constantly learning and keeping skills current, this ensures as an organisation we stay ahead in our industry and most importantly, maintain a competitive edge against our rivals”

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