K-Motorshield Motor Covers

K-Motorshield Motor Covers

A premier Victorian Quarry is a WINNER due to the recent installation of K-MotorShield Motor Covers across its plant, tackling a common bulk materials handling problem of increasing motor airflow and extending motor life and comes up on top!

The recent installation of Kinder Australia’s preventative maintenance solution, K-MotorShield Motor Covers delivers the VIC Quarry operations MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY with MINIMAL PRODUCTION DOWN-TIME, plus these positive results:

  • Optimal electrical motor efficiency
  • Cleaner motors allow for easier maintenance
  • Reduction in clean-up costs and time
  • Extension of motor life

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If you would like to know more on how K-MotorShield Motor Cover simplifies maintenance, keeping dust and other debris away from motors plus improving heat transfer by up to 140% and contact Kinder Australia.

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