Super-G Secondary Belt Cleaning System

Super-G Secondary Belt Cleaning System

For over 15 years, our customer has established itself as a key player in the timber/saw mill industry servicing its clients throughout QLD.

The main challenges faced by the saw mill plant was isolated to their existing scanners not functioning properly and providing inaccurate readings, this resulted in excessive wastage as timber planks were being rejected unnecessarily.  Smooth operations on site was predominantly reliant on a clean conveyor belt.  The processes and equipment in place meant the site’s conveyor belts required cleaning at least 3 times a day to accurately scan the timber planks.  The site’s operational efficiency and productivity had been compromised due to increases in processing time per log.  Profitability was also a concern with increasing manufacturing costs per log having a domino effect on the plant’s bottom line.

Due to the effectiveness and performance of the installed Super G™ – Secondary Belt Cleaning System the site’s conveyor belt is now only cleaned at the end of the day, saving maintenance and labour costs.  A cleaner conveyor belt has greatly improved scanner accuracy, thereby minimising the level of material wastage.

The site now experiences uninterrupted production throughout the day, down time has now been eliminated.  A reduction in operational costs and processing time per log has also been achieved due to the Super-G installation.

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