Kinder Battery Installation

Kinder Battery Installation

Nearly three years after the initial solar system panel installation at our Braeside Head Office premises, Kinder Australia has taken solar energy one step further and we’re excited to announce the installation of a new battery back-up system.

The battery installation consists of 20 salt water, 48-volt batteries to provide a 44kWh capacity. Combined with our existing, large scale solar panel installation the system provides the ability to run for multiple days without grid power. In the unlikely event that an outage lasts for a lengthy period and the available solar energy is limited, the ability to safely and easily connect a backup generator has been included.

“Thanks to the expert advice and team at A Grade Solar Solutions Australia we can finally realise the opportunities and benefits that solar energy brings to our daily operations.  As an organisation, it’s our goal to do business the way we live: by using no more than we need, respect those around us and tread lightly with a small footprint”, says Neil Kinder, CEO, Kinder Australia

The battery installation will ensure a bright and illuminating future at our Braeside operations.  With the promise of continuous productivity during electricity outages, a significant reduction in electricity costs and more reliable, efficient energy consumption identified as the key drivers for this capital investment.   As a bonus, the system has the potential for any stored energy being sent back to the grid, thereby reducing our electricity costs even further.

“The key to staying competitive tomorrow is embracing the opportunities of sustainable and renewable energy today, it has been at the heart of Kinder Australia’s successful operations over the last three decades.  Our commitment is developing and maintaining appropriate procedures that will ensure the protection of the environment and prevention of pollution for the benefit of our employees, our clients and the general community”, says Neil Kinder, CEO.

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