K-Sure® Belt Support System

K-Sure Belt Support System fixes belt edge sag at the conveyor transfer point. AFTER PIC.

We recently took a “before” and “after” pic of a widespread conveyor spillage problem at a limestone powder bulk material handling facility. This spillage situation was often experienced, and required unscheduled maintenance clean-ups.  The change AFTER we fixed the problem is not only successful, but it’s highly durable and sustainable as it requires absolutely no ongoing maintenance for any application. Go to our Case Study to view both pics.  These are the details:

BEFORE: Located under the feed conveyor leading in to the steel plant
Belt speed: 1 metre per second
Production rate: 200 tonnes per hour
Product: Fired limestone powder
Industry: Steel making process
Problem: Spillage, applicable to all bulk materials handling facilities (wood chip, sugar, salt, iron ore, grain, granite, quarried and recycled materials etc)

AFTER: K-Sure Belt Support System pictured in operation – no signs of spillage.
Installation procedure utilises Kinder “K” universal brackets, assembled precisely to suit a conveyor’s specific troughed belt profile.

Benefits Experienced:

  • Removes belt edge sag which was causing the spillage and removes unscheduled labour clean-up costs.
  • Reduces previous 6 monthly skirt replacement changeout schedule/costs.
  • K-Sure Belt Support has no moving parts so no ongoing maintenance is required.
  • K-Sure Belt Support’s slider bars are made with engineered polymer technology and last longer in operation.
  • Pre-existing K-Ultra Dual® Seal can function correctly, utlising its unique design feature to adapt to belt vibration and ability to maintain correct pressure to seal the belt.  Correct pressure is important as it preserves and extends the life of the conveyor belt itself.

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