high performance engineered polyurethane, K-Super Block Skirting System

We would like to introduce to you the K-Super Block Skirting Seal – a modular skirt panel arrangement instead of a single strip of skirting. These individual panels have the advantage of being adjustable to suit the belt profile, as well as provide greater compatibility with load volumes, and therefore create a totally spillage-free environment.  Also, only worn panels need to be replaced and not the entire skirt length so you experience the maximum working-life potential of all individual skirting panels.

When the impact area of the conveyed load varies, especially in relation to heavy duty or high abrasion applications, this can have a negative effect on the skirting’s job of containing the material consistently and effectively along the length of the transfer point.  The result is significant material spillage.

The cost of dealing with the material spillage can escalate quickly.  First operations need to be shutdown so that the gap that has formed between the level of the belt and the skirting is corrected by adjusting the height of the skirting arrangement.  The next step is to clean up the spillage and it is this unscheduled maintenance work that is most often under-anticipated.  But it needs to be addressed because if it is not cleaned up promptly, it would create serious safety risk.

CLICK HERE and read the attached installation information and better understand the ease and simplicity of how the adjustments can be made.

CLICK HERE for our product brochure and see photos of the K-Super Block installed and in good working order at a customer’s site, effectively containing a heavy impact application.

Samples are available upon request.

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