K-Containment® Seal Conveyor Skirting Solution

Photo showing the combined installation of K-Containment Seal with the height adjustable slots, together with the simple unistrut mounted K-Snap-Loc®.

Repeating the same material spillage clean-up every week can feel like climbing a hill.  It gets steeper and longer with every step.

Even though you can plan to stop production so that your clean-up can be completed safely and when you have resources to hand – as a result, it still doesn’t make it an efficient task.  Allocating your resources to deal with any spillage clean-up when they could otherwise be allocated to do more productive preventative maintenance is just unproductive.

Solving the Problem:

This was the problem that our wood chip customer was experiencing.  The Maintenance Supervisor estimated the spillage costs. It was costing the company approximately $2000 each week to clean-up and take away.

Read our latest customer case study HERE.

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