The demo trailer was invited to a fertiliser plant recently, to give the maintenance and reliability team an opportunity experience hands-on our range of new generation conveyor and bulk handling componentry.

Installation of these engineered hardware staples requires less labour resources because they are significantly lighter in weight to manoeuvre and maintain.  They have a proven track record of being able to offer superior performance capabilities over traditional out-dated technologies.

Correct retrofit installation and ongoing maintenance is straightforward and using the demo trailer attendees were given the opportunity to examine and trial using a variety of clamps and in some cases bolt-on options, removing the need to have to utilise any special welding equipment.  This benefit simplifies up the installation / replacement process considerably.

There is no cost to host the demonstration trailer at your site, and a booking can be combined with any of our Conveyor Safety and Maintenance training modules to suit your specific application or experience level of your team.  CLICK HERE for more information on our complimentary training or to book the trailer.

100% of previous attendees at our training session have evaluated the learning and development courses as being “worthwhile” (scoring 4 out of 5) or “very worthwhile” (5 out of 5), and that they benefited from the knowledge of our presenters together with useful information on how to identify any problems in their early stages so that they can remedied quickly and the risk of potential disruption is minimised.

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