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It was an early start for the conveyor maintenance team on Tuesday who had booked our sales engineers to provide a half-day Conveyor Belt Tracking and Conveyor Belt Cleaning training session.

After site inductions were completed, Sean Kinder started the session by presenting a selection criteria checklist to find the most suitable belt cleaner for various different applications and belt speeds.  This was followed by installation advice, paying particular attention to the correct positioning and tensioning of belt cleaners.  Sean concluded this topic with practical troubleshooting advice and a suggested schedule of maintenance requirements to ensure that your belt cleaner remains working effectively.

The next training topic was presented by Charles Pratt, explaining typical best practice advice for maintaining even flow of the conveyed material on the belt.  Material Spillage is often a sign of incorrectly tensioned belting causing “Belt Camber”, and Charles gave options and strategies to manage mistracking belts, addressing the effects of belt splicing conditions too.

Both training presentations concluded with an short assessment and evaluation, and all maintenance team attendees were given Belt Cleaning and Belt Tracking manuals for their future reference.

Before leaving the Queensland quarry, the maintenance team were able to have an opportunity to look at the Kinder & Co demonstration trailer, and experience hands-on the latest polyurethane and polymer composite conveyor componentry


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