The safety topic of “Guarding Return Roller Pinch Points” was the focus of Sean Kinder’s presentation to members of the IQA’s sub-branch meeting in Wangaratta in July, giving an overview of the Australian Standards and best practice safety procedures.  As a member of the IQA, Kinder & Co is regularly invited to speak at sub-branch meetings and update members on technical issues relating to bulk materials handling procedures, best practice and troubleshooting, as well as latest engineered conveyor system products.

In November, the Annual Performance Report of the Commissioner for Mine Safety and Health (for the Queensland Mines Inspectorate) was published.  It mentioned specifically that conveyor safety at surface metalliferous mines and quarries was of concern, identifying ineffective or inadequate guarding of conveyors.  If you have any concerns regarding the guarding of your conveyors, or if you would like to request complimentary training for your conveyor maintenance team or site, click here for more information or contact one of our sales engineer’s on 03 9587 9244, or email [email protected]

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