Two more of our MADE BETTER bulk materials handling solutions conveyor systems products have received certification of Trade Mark registration status.  Joining our growing family of Trade Marked names is K-Polymer® and K-Protector®.

K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers continue to be one of our best-selling products in our Conveyor Hardware range.  Although the rollers are lightweight (approximately 50% that of steel), they are engineered using modern polymer and fibre (HDPE) materials to substantially out last steel.  Click here to read a customer case study where more than 8000 K-Polymer® Conveyor Rollers have been progressively installed since they were first trialled in 2003, using thermal imaging to very effectively plan for conveyor system maintenance upgrades.

K-Protector® Return Idler Guard is a practical and safe solution to provide roller pinch point protection. The guard is designed for convenient access for maintenance and is available to suit all roller diameters and belt widths.  However, not only is the K-Protector® 100% reliable, customers know that it is COMPLIANT with Australian Safety Standard AS 1755.  Read testimonials from delighted customers such as this quarry manager: “We value our workforce. Using the K-Protector® Return Idler Guard means we have a workplace that is not only safer but more productive as well.”

Customers who have installed a Kinder “K” product know that the “K” brand represents much more than a brand name.  Instead it delivers a brand promise of reliability, good value and that the product’s purpose is to create an opportunity to improve material handling productivity.

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