As reported in Kinder & Co’s Latest News in May this year, we are happy to report that the noisy old BMW named “Speculum” has successfully completed the 7-day 4000km charity Shitbox Rally, to raise funds for the Cancer Council of Australia.

The total amount raised by the team, co-driven by our very own operations manager Charles Pratt, was a huge $11,483.00, which contributed to the greater goal of $1.4m for the Cancer Council of Australia.  This effort was even more tremendous considering that Charles had the unexpected challenge of having to drive the clapped-out old car across the Nullarbor to get to Perth from Melbourne for the start of Rally, after the train which was due to transit the team’s car derailed, causing delays on the track.  Charles had no other option – it was either drive the car to the start or miss the Rally altogether.

Included in the total sum raised, were the proceeds from the auction sale of the car at the end of the rally.  The sale of team Speculum’s “vintage” old BMW car raised $440.00.

“Overall we only really encountered one problem with our car – the exhaust started to crack and was at risk of falling off whilst driving, so we hack sawed it off completely which made it much louder (we were pretty pleased about this!!!)” Charles added.

On behalf of Charles, thank you to the businesses and individuals who made donations to Charles’s memorable Shitbox Rally effort.

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