Kinder & Co has a strong culture of caring about others.  Good team work is built upon personal relationships and genuine caring for each other.  Clear communication between management, employees, customers, suppliers, the broader bulk materials handling industry as well as the local community, is vital in fostering caring relationships.

Over the past year Kinder & Co has demonstrated how much it cares about the community through its significant financial donations to charitable causes.  In the spirit of teamwork, the management of Kinder & Co gave staff the opportunity to decide which charities the business would pledge donations to.  The staff were each asked to nominate 3 of their preferred charities.  A ballot system was then used to help finalise the decision, and some charities were nominated by several staff members, the outcome was that over 15 charities benefitted significantly with donations from
Kinder & Co.

This is second year that Kinder & Co has supported EnergyAustralia’s Bash 24 team entered in the Variety Bash – which is Australia’s most successful charity motoring event.  Since 1992 the Variety Bash has covered a staggering 93,288 kilometres and has raised over $18 million for children who
are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs.  The team from EnergyAustralia are called “Bash 24”and everyone at Kinder & Co wishes them all the best when the race starts on August 14th.

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