The Perth to Darwin Car Rally is the Cancer Council’s biggest private fundraiser.  Now in its 4th year, this year’s teams are aiming to raise a total of approximately $1.4 million, having raised over $3 million towards vital cancer research in previous years.

The 7-day 4,000km rally starting in a few weeks on 31st May, embarks on an arduous route that will cross the Australian outback.  If the distance and terrain is not enough of a challenge, the cars themselves are “less than suitable” as all participating teams are only permitted to acquire a rally-car with limited funds of $1000, with this investment also needing to cover the car’s registration and roadworthiness costs.

Kinder & Co is a proud sponsor of one of these creative cars, with Kinder’s Operations Manager Charles Pratt as one half of a team driving a noisy 1990 BMW 318i named “Speculum”.  Keen car fanatic Ian Hall, Kinder’s Logistics Manager, is pictured here helping to fine tune the vintage BMW so that it is rally-ready!

To donate to Speculum visit:

We will provide a race debrief on Charles’s return.  In the meatime, if you have a bulk materials handling enquiry, please contact one of our sales engineer’s on 03 9587 9244.

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